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Bee, color, and little detail love.
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Adri love.
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Candice, white, lace, and detail love.
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Good morning and welcome to the weekend beautifuls. Saturday is upon us and I am wrapping myself in pink, lace, and embellishment love. My picks are from the VS Temptations collection and are the push up bra and cheekini panty. Love this set and this collection has become one of my favorites. I am feeling beautiful and ready for the day ahead. As you prepare for your day, center yourself in the moment and allow the doors to your heart to be open for love coming in and going out. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to what is surrounding you. I truly believe this will help you discover a deeper and more meaningful love. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Allow your confidence and strengths to shine through your actions to make the world around you a better place. Let your love flow, get out there and shine like the star you are! Love you all. xoxo MML
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Kerr and detail love.
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Adri and shot love.
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Elsa, red, and lace love.
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Candice, pink, and a serious kind of love.
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Adri, lace, and print love.
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Bee and bombshell love. Wow