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Good morning and happy Thursday beautifuls. Color, lace, and comfort love are in order for the day. My picks are from the VS Body by Victoria collection and are the perfect coverage bra and cheekini panty. Absolutely love this set, always brings a smile to my face and puts the perfect bounce in my step. Today I want us all to let go of the negative, it’s fine not to like things, just don’t focus on them. Consciously choose to focus on the positive in your life, I feel it is all too easy to fall into the negative focus trap. Let love, compassion, and positivity be the focus of everyday. Love and accept all the beautiful that you are and know that you are worth it all. Have an incredibly fabulous day, big smiles, and rock your day. So much love to you all. <3 xoxo MML
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Karlie and Erin love.
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Karlie, pink, lace, and print love.
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Erin, color, and lace love.
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Doutzen, embroidery, color, and set love.
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Marloes, lace, and bright blue eyes love.
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Barbara, lace, and longline bra love.
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Karlie, color, and lace love.
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Linds, smile, lace, color, and print love.
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Bee, lace, and color love.